Monday, September 27, 2010

Made Ya Look Monday


I made "Made Ya Look Monday" at Faith Sisiters this week for my "Autumn Hike" LO. :)

Credits: Faith Sister's Colab Kit "Autumn Harvest Part 2"; paper and elements from Dahlia Co, Isyndras Scrap Creations, Journeys with Jamie, Julie Marie, Lifesong Kreations by Karla, Designs by Michelle Batton, Paula Phillips Designs, Robin Ennis Wilson, and Rowena Field.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Sweet Sweet Song Challenge

This year I have also been participating in the "My Sweet, Sweet Song" Challenge at Faith Sisters.  I love music (though I am not musically inclined in any way shape or form) and sometimes certain songs or lyrics really touch my heart.  This challenge has been a way to scrap/journal about those songs and I feel like someday my kids or grand kids will enjoy these pages.

My cover page for the album.
Credits: RAK Scraps' September 06 Friendship Mega Kit with paper and elements by, Audra Little, Corinne Fragata, Cindy Wyckoff, and Lady Jane.

This page was for the January Challenge.
Credits: Jen Beschinski's Simple Life Kit.
This page was for the February Challenge.
 Credits: Blythe Evans' Dirty Girl Kit, April Bern's Transparent Letters, and Melinda Stanley's Stamped Alpha.

This page was for the March Challenge.
 Credits: Blythe Evans' Always You and Dirty Love Kits, Robin Cabana's Brushed Doodles. White Stitches by J. Papai, White Heart by A. Little, and Tracy Blankenship's Red Heart (recolored); all from RAK Scraps June 2006 Patriotic Mega Kit.

This page was for the April Challenge.
Credits: Blue Paper from Blythe Evans' "Dirty Girl" Kit, Yellow Paper & Elements from Ruth Melody's "I Believe" Kit.

This page was for the May Challenge.
Credits: Blythe Evans' "Autumal Jen" Kit.
I fell behind in this challenge too this summer, but hope to catch up soon!
What are your favorite songs?  If you scrapbook, have you ever scrapbooked about them?
Kind regards,
Mrs. Sojourner

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The 52 Blessings Challenge

I have been participating in the 52 Blessings Challenge at Faith Sisters and am loving it!  It is the perfect way to focus on all of the blessings that God is bestowing.

Credits: Paper and elements from Mrs. Schmucks' "Schweet Stuff" Kit and "Pinned Alpha" also used the string element from Cindy Simon's "New Everyday" Kit.

Back Cover:
Credits: Paper and elements from Mrs. Schmucks' "Schweet Stuff" Kit and "Canvas Journal Tabs."

Credits: Paper and elements from Mrs. Schmucks' "Schweet Stuff" Kit.

"Week 1" Credits: Jennifer Layden's "Resolutions" Kit.
Jornaling: "New Year's Campout: I was feeling down heading into New Year's. I was missing family and friends and losing hope for our purpose in being here (and that made me even more sad about missing everyone). New Year's Eve I cried out to God and poured out my heart to Him. He spoke gently to my heart and comforted me the way only He can. That night as I looked up at the beautiful moon (God's a-m-a-z-i-n-g creation, then looked down at my precious family, and rang in the New Year with awesome co-workers who are becoming family...I realized how very, very blessed I am. The rest of our New Year's camping trip I had peace about the future (because it is ALL in God's hands) and just enjoyed the many blessings!"

"Week 2" Credits: Blythe Evans' Aqua Steel Kit.
Journaling: God provided an opportunity for us to go to Kenya as a family. We stayed in a little cottage at a confrerence center in the mountains outside of Nairobi; we stayed there for two weeks and this was our first week. It was such a blessing in so many ways! We enjoyed the cooler weather, wearing “western” style clothes, eating in the lodge three meals a day (not having to cook from scratch OR do dishes!), fellowship and worship, playing games with a fun group of friends, getting to know these friends better, spending fun time as a family, enjoying all of the beautiful landscape especially all of the green (we don’t see much of that where we live), getting to function in Englsih (oh, what a huge blessing!) not to mention...being in a country with thngs like a mall, movie theatre (in english!), restaurants, etc.  All in all this was a week full of blessings!  I will be counting these blessings all year long, and for the rest of my life! We have made some really great memories to boot.  Thank you, Lord for this week of abundant blessings!

"Week 2, Pg. 2" Credits: Blythe Evans' Aqua Steel Kit.

"Week 3" Credits: Blythe Evans' Cherrie Lipstick Kit.
Journaling: This week I was blessed by the company of some dear Sisters in Him and it was my joy to get to get to know them better, hear their stories, and pray with them. It was such a blessing and an encouragement to me. On Monday we took a hike near the conference center and enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation together. The tea fields were especially beautiful with all of the amazing green spread out for miles!

"Week 3, Pg.2" Credits: Blythe Evans' Cherrie Lipstick Kit.
"Week 4" Credits: Blythe Evans' Classic Grunge 2 Kit.  Journaling: The past two weeks God used three great ladies to bless our family. They watched the Littles while Mr. & I were in class and the Littles had such a great time learning new songs, playing games, doing crafts, etc. Then they blessed us by taking us on safari with them. We stayed at this beautiful resort and saw so many different animals! We will cherish these memories and this very special blessing!
"Week 4, Pg. 2" Credits: Blythe Evans' Classic Grunge 2 Kit
"Week 5" Credits: Audra Little's Ensanada Kit.

Credits: Recipe Card Element from Beverly Lee's Recipe Kit, Other Paper and Elements from RAK Scraps' June 06 Boys Mega Kit by Mrs. Schmuck and Jeannie Papai.
"Week 7" Credits: Tara Settle's Bittersweet Autumn Kit.

"Week 8" Credits: Khristy Schmidt's Caboodle Kit.
Journaling: This has been a rough week full of bad news.  These are the weeks where counting your blessings are especially important. God must have known we would need something to cheer us up and so we received two care
    packages in the mail this week. Care packages are such a blessing because they remind us that we have people back
home who love us and are praying for us.  Thank you Lord for sending us these blessings!                         

"Week 9" Credits: Crop Circles by Blythe Evans and Food Quote by Joanne K. (recolored).

"Week 10" Credits: Eve Recinella's "Phunky Phresh" Kit and "Messy Edge Alpha" (recolored) by Marie.
Journaling: This week was my Mother-in-law's Birthday and I reflected on what a blessing she has been in my life.  When I was first married and our first daughter was born she was a big help to me and I have always been thankful for her friendship.  She is a wonderful Nana to my girls.  She is a huge encouragement to us and is a faithful prayer warrior as we are on our overseas journey.  She is truly a blessing and I am so thankful to have her in my life.  

"Week 11" Credits: Audra Little's "Abagail" Kit and Mrs.Shmuck's "Brass Buttons."

"Week 12" Credits: bmd's "Circle Challenge" Kit.

"Week 13" Credits: RAK Scraps July 2006 "Fun" Mega Kit, by K McDonald.

"Week 14" Credits: RAK Scraps March 2006 "Spring" Mega Kit by A Carter and K Jensen.

"Week 15" Credits: Shelby Chula's "Autumal Cheer" Kit.

"Week 16" Credits: "Easter Time" Kit by, K. McDonald.

"Week 17" Credits: "Admiration" Kit by, SaraAmarie.

"Week 18" Credits: Krista Mettler's "A Joyful Heart" Paper Pack.

"Week 19" Credits: A. Little's "Fall Time" Kit.

"Week 20" Credits" Blythe Evans' "Smokin' Paisleys" Kit.

"Week 21" Credits: FC's "Everyday Calandar Grid."

"Week 22" Credits: Blyle Evans' "Beacky Keen" Alpha and "Surf and Turf" Kit.

"Week 23" Credits: NDISB Team Exotic Travels Kit.

"Week 24"

"Week 25" Credits: V. K. Smith's RaK Scraps' "Nov. '06 Mega Kit."

"Week 26" Credits: M. Mareda's "Sucha Softy" Kit.
Journaling: Almost every week when we go to the village we stop on or way back, at a police check point, where many vendors are selling their goods. All you have to do is pull over your car and roll down your window; in no time
at all you have a crowd full of vendors ready to sell you a varity of things. Our favorite treat is called “cake” here, but among our family we call it “sweet bread.” It has usually been sitting out in the hot sun which gives it a fresh-baked feel. It costs us about 50 cents for a small bag of these sweet treats.  When we stop after a long hot day in the village these goodies are small blessing to us and we enjoy every little bite!

"Week 27" Credits: "Coconut Lime Twist" Kit by Rose Farver.
Journaling: Mr. has always been able to make me laugh. It is one of the many things I love about him. The last year has been really rough at times, but even in the hardest of times he is there to make me smile or laugh to cheer me up! He is such a blessing to me!

"Week 28" Credits: K. Mettler's "A Joyful Heart" Paper Pack.
Journaling: This week our washer died. It wasa little dissapointing after how much we paid for it, but I am thankful to have our part time house helper who is able to wash our clothes by hand.I am also thankful for her friendship. She is very patient with me as I learn the language and practice with her. I am also gratful that Little loves her so much; she is always following her around and trying to “help.” She is truly a blessing to us and we hope that we are to her as well.

"Week 29" Credits: K. Heureux's "Always" Kit.
Journaling: We have seen progress again over the last few days, after several months without any. Middle has spoken to several people on skype that she used to talk to in the US, but hasn’t talked to on skype. We continue to seek God’s wisdom in how to help her to overcome her fear. We know that He is able. We are thankful for this blessing of’ hope that we have received and we praise Him in it!

"Week 30"

"Week 31" Credits: K. Heureux's "Always" Kit.
Journaling: The past two weeks have been very encouraging. Middle has begun talking to two of her school classmates and one of their younger siblings. We are so thankful to Him for continuing to work in this situation. What a blessing!

I am about 5 weeks behind on this challenge, but hope to catch up soon!


One of the things I have enjoyed lately is making my own cards (both paper and digital).  Here are a few of the digital card covers I have made this year.  (I take a blank card and envelope and adhere a digital print of one of these to the front of the blank card and then write a personal message on the inside.)

Credits: Sara A Marie's "Admiration" Kit.  The "D" Card Sketch.

Credits: A. Little's "Brown/Blue" Kit.  The "E" Card Sketch.

Credits: Cindy Simon's "Each New Day" Kit and April Bern's "Transparent Alpha."  The "F" Card Sketch.

Credits: Agnes YS Lahur's "Pastel Mocha" Kit.  The "G" Card Sketch.

Credits: Mrs.Schmuck's "Schweet Schtuff" Kit.  The "H" Card Challenge.

Credits: Paper from Blythe Evans' "Fun with Frosty" and Snowflake Doodles from The Scrappin' Cops' "CU Snowflake Doodles."  The "I" Card Challenge.

Credits: Victoria Feemster's "Grace" Kit.  The "J" Card Challenge.

Credits: A. Little's "Abigail" Kit.  The "K" Card Challenge.