Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guess what?!

I made "DIVINE" Pick of the Day at Divine Digital with my "Our Journey" layout! :)

Our Journey

Journaling: Our Journey is a road that has led to many cherished friendships.
Credits: Digital Compilations by Cinda's "Journey" Kit.  (Available at Faith Sisters and Divine Digital.)

Monday, January 10, 2011

I made...

"Made Ya Look Monday" at Faith Sisters today for this layout.  That makes for a pretty good monday. :)

Providence 365 - 2011

This is my Cover/Tile Page for the new Providence 365 project I will be working on this year.
Credits: "Whoo Loves My Boy?" by Meredith Designs Done Digital.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Providence 365: Week 1

Journaling: 01.01.11 - Campout with our beloved co-workers.. The highlight of the year! With: sleeping under the stars, campfires, games, fireworks, and movie by projector.
02.01.11 - Drive home with a stop on the side of the road to pick-up smoked meat. Picnic on a mat with cokes, meat, apples, and pringles. Great family time.
03.01.11 - Last day of the break before heading back to school and work. Finishing up all the procrastinated work that piled up while we were having too much fun.
04.01.11 - Mom’s first attempt at Chicken Pot Pie from scratch which was, very surprisingly, a hit with everyone! The first day back to school and work went well.
05.01.11 - Oh hammy day!  A package for the girls from Mimi with lots of goodies.
06.01.11 - Skype has been such a huge blessing to us since we moved overseas. We get to keep in touch with so many of our loved ones. Today we got to “see” Pop-Pop and also Nana via skype. It’s only been a few weeks since we got to see them and we already miss them so much.. We’re glad we got to talk with them today!
07.01.11 - Today there was lots of work to do and errands to run but we got to end the day with a relaxing family movie night. It’s a great way to end the week.
08.01.11 - Today, as always, is our relaxing, low-key, day-around-the-house where we do very little, enjoy each others company, watch movies, play games, have big tickle fests, drag out every toy we own and play with them, etc.  And, that is
exactly what we did today and each of us enjoyed each and every minute of it.
It was indeed a week full of blessing and I am so excited to document this whole year this way. I can not wait to see what blessings await our family this week! 

Credits: "Whoo Loves My Boy?" by Meredith Designs Done Digital.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

52 Blessings of 2010: Week 37

Journaling: We had been so very homesick and praying that God would make a way for us to be able to go home for a visit. He used some dear friends of ours to help us to purchase two of our five tickets! We wrote a message on paper and cut each word out. We then numbered them and the girls took turns opening and reading the words until the message was complete and the suprise was finally revealed- we were going to be going on a to the...U.S.!

Credits: Paper from Blythe Evans' "Crop Circles" Kit. Doodles from The Scrappin' Cop's "Doodle Borders 2."

Go Tell it on the Mountain

And, is my layout for the December challenge to finish off "My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge!"
"Go Tell it on the Mountain" lyrics by Steven Curtis Chapman.  Credits: Brushed Doodles by Robin Cabana. 

Blessed Be Your Name

This is my layout for the November challenge for "my Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge."

"Blessed Be Your Name" by Matt Redman.  Credits: "Happy Go Lucky" by Shabby Princess Designs.

Cry Out to Jesus

Here is my layout for the October challenge for "My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge."
Third Day's "Cry Out to Jesus" lyrics.  Credits: Khristy Schmidt's "Caboodle" Kit.

Tune My Heart

Here is the September challenge for "My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge."
Credits: Paper from the Autumn Harvest Faith Sisters October Collab by Paula Phillips Designs.

Something Beautiful

Here is the August challenge for the "My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge."
Lyrics from Todd Agnew's "Something Beautiful."  Credits: "Sweet Pretties" by Chelly Oliveira Designs.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let it Fade

Another layout down for the "My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge"; July.
From the "Let it Fade" lyrics by Jeremy Camp.

My Heart, My Soul

I'm trying to catch up on My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge.  Here is one for the June challenge

It is from Hillsong's "From the Inside Out" lyrics.

52 Blessings of 2010: Catch-up

I'm still behind on this challenge, but determined to finish. :)

 "Week 32" Credits: Meredith's Designs Done Digital's "Everyday" Kit.

 "Week 33" Credits: TMA's "Arteest" Add-on.  Journaling: Each week when we go to visit the chief it is a blessing to us. His smile, his hospitality, his friendship. We hope we bless him too. August 2010.
 "Week 34" Credits: "Worn Spots" Alpha by Marie Stone. "Happy Go Lucky" Kit by Shabby Princess Designs.  Journaling: This month we got to know a few friends better while getting to spend more time with them. They were a huge blessing to us. Middle Sojourner even began talking to LouLou and they enjoyed spending lots of time together; August 2010.

"Week 35" Credits: "Little Star Cluster" and "Little Star: Torn Papers" by Claudi Designs.  Journaling: Star effort: After eleven months in the local language we were tested and by the grace of God...we passed! Sept. 2010.

"Week 36" Credits: "Happy Go Lucky" Kit by Shabby Princess Designs.  Journaling: Our friends invited us to go with them to a big celebration near where they grew up. We had a wonderful day seeing a parade, sharing an African meal together, and watching a soccer match! A fun-filled day! Sept‘10

Stay tuned for more...